About us

HRhelp is born out of a need we identified in supporting multiple countries with their human resources needs.

With HRhelp we offer you customised answers to your HR questions at an affordable rate. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have an HR expert in the Netherlands but you do have the personnel.

If you are an international business in the Netherlands who has insufficient knowledge of the way HR is working in the Netherlands, and no time to get distracted from your business, then we are the partner who can help focus on your business goals, by making your HR activities our responsibility.

about us

What we do

  • We are the one Stop Shop for all your HR questions and needs

  • Support on all aspects of the HR lifecycle 

  • We support your staff and make sure they get the support they need

  • We safeguard compliance

  • We execute your HR processes

  • Want to know more? Contact info@hrhelp.nl

Meet the HR Help Team

Cornelis Leerlooijer
Cornelis LeerlooijerFounder & CEO

Cornelis has after studied HRM  gained over 15 years of experience in the field of HR.  He started his career working  and living for 5 years as an expat in UAE and travelled for his work through the Gulf region. The main focus was on HR consultancy and cultural training. This experience has had a great positive impact on his life and career.  When returned to the Netherlands he worked for several multinationals like GE, LG and Netapp in different capacities. Leading in and outsourcing of shared services, sales of business and international HR support.  Recently he has been working as HR interim manager and regional project manager having done different restructuring exercises and the European implementation of Workday. This variety of international experience helps him to understand the specific needs of international companies and its employees. Calm, structured and genuinely interested in people are some of the skills that Cornelis brings with him.

Michael Thurkow
Michael ThurkowFounder & CEO

Michael has been working in the HR field throughout his professional life. During the first three years he mainly got to know the transactional side of the HR profession, the following 15 years he held various strategic (project) management roles within various international organizations and environments. He gained this experience at companies such as Alcoa (Metal Industry | American), LG Electronics (Consumer Electronics | Korean), John Crane (Oil & Gas | British), Smiths Medical (Medical | British) and Sandvik (Metal Industry | Swedish).

In 2019, Michael came to the conclusion that it was time to use his gained experience to guide and support organizations that want to start up in the Netherlands (and abroad) in setting up a good and solid servicing HR Partners.

Michael mainly gets energy from setting up and optimizing / improving (HR) teams and organizations. For him, service orientation, optimization, continuous improvement, creativity and innovation are the most important core values for a well running HR operation. While pleasure and cooperation should obviously not be lost sight of.

How do we make this happen?

  • By acting as your single point of help for all HR matters

  • By offering you the best people in our network

  • By helping you plan and organize your HR activities year round

  • By offering you our flexible support towards your HR needs

How do we work?

We believe in sharing knowledge. We understand that a lot of information can be found on the internet today. However, we know from experience that this information is not always reliable and clear. In addition, not every standard answer is sufficient for your question.
That is why we share reliable information, but we also help if this information does not fully answer the question.
We do this by means of, for example, a brief consultation or sharing a useful document.
At HRHelp we have a lot of knowledge in house but you cannot be an expert in all areas, therefore we have a network of experts who can work with your question or problem.

Why do we work with partners?

If, after an initial consult, there is a need for further advice or guidance, we will put you in contact with one of our partners.
Many issues surrounding staff require expertise. Guiding a long-term sick person, for example, is a specialist area and a lot of money and energy can be saved with the right expert.
Because we manage this network of partners we can guarantee that your HR processes are compliant and of a high quality

Why us?

  • A platform for answers to many HR questions & challenges

  • Easy to access advise  gives more certainty and clarity

  • Real expertise, a network of experts.

  • A place for a complete solution for your HR questions

Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today

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